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Mobil Citizen Offers Inexpensive Wireless Internet

posted Sep 12, 2012, 7:28 AM by Jeff Hunt

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Referral Benefits

Do you know another non-profit organization or school that could benefit from Mobile Citizen's $120/year low cost mobile Internet service? Refer them today and you both will earn three free months of service!

USB modems offer an affordable way to connect

USB modems can be the perfect solution for organizations looking for a basic connection. The Atlas, a small USB modem that easily slips into your pocket or bag, offers our same unlimited 4G connection but costs only $55, making it our most affordable way to connect. 

The Atlas USB modem plugs into any standard USB port on your laptop or desktop computer and is a good solution for organizations that want to offer connections for staff that travel occasionally, individual volunteers in the field, or others who don’t need to share their connection between multiple devices.

Contact us today if you'd like to give the Atlas a try.

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We're expanding nationally!

Mobile Citizen is proud to announce that we are expanding nationally! As you know, we've provided low cost mobile Internet for non-profit organizations and schools like yourselves in select markets like Chicago, Philadelphia, Portland, Denver, Kansas City and more since 2009. Today we're proud to bring that same affordable access to our lightning fast and easy to use connection to over 50 cities across the country, including major nonprofit regions such as Atlanta, Boston, Seattle, Washington DC and Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in Texas. 

If you have a sister organization, branch office or nonprofit friend in another city that could benefit from Mobile Citizen, please help us spread the word! By referring them through our online referral page you can both earn three free months of service

Making a case for mobile Internet:

Nonprofits share best practices

Today's nonprofits always need to be connected, even when they are not in the office. And their tools need to be too. If the goal is to work more productively and cost-effectively, nonprofits using a laptop or netbook and their own affordable, secure Wi-Fi network for use wherever and whenever they need it, have more options. 

  • Empower field staff with instant access to online databases 
  • Provide community-based access points for your programs 
  • Access connectivity for onsite special event registration 
  • Stay productive while in the field 
  • Monitor & update social networking sites 
  • Stream video for use in outreach, fundraising and training 
  • Control administrative costs 
  • Create virtual office or telecommuting policies 

If your nonprofit needs to be more productive, or cost-efficient, while on the go, it’s time to make a case for mobile Internet. Nonprofits across the country that have already made the case for mobile Internet in their organizations share their success stories:

“At $60/month, we were limited on how many clinicians we could equip with mobile Internet. With low-cost mobile Internet from Mobile Citizen, not only could we expand our program to more clinicians and clients, we could afford additional netbooks. Together, these tools make life easier for our clinicians and better for our clients.”

-Danielle Byron

C4 Chief Information Officer 

“Information is a powerful tool, but only when you have access to it. Mobile Citizen allows us to bring Internet access to the people and places where it wouldn’t otherwise exist.”

-Deaglan Daugherty

Philadelphia FIGHT Digital Inclusion Supervisor 

“Gas prices are exorbitant so low-cost mobile Internet saved us money from day one. Now our staff can keep working between appointments, from the field, without having to come back to headquarters.” 

-Ashley Thirstrup 

Direct Services Manager of Youth Services

Native American Youth & Family Center

Mobile Citizen provides low-cost mobile Internet

Mobile Citizen is the first 4G service provider in the United States to offer mobile Internet service exclusively to education and non-profit organizations at remarkably low cost. Mobile Citizen's wireless Internet service is powered by 4G technology which makes it lightning fast and easy to use.


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