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posted Sep 4, 2012, 10:31 AM by Jeff Hunt
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For many students, going to school is like getting on
an airplane…

You sit in rows.
You are told to turn off all electronic devices and look straight ahead.
When the allotted time is over, you resume your normal life and “plug back in.”

Patrick Beedles, Education Account Executive at Apple, works exclusively with K-12 districts to help them evaluate their current technology and how they can use technology to revolutionize teaching and learning. In his travels, a seventh grader made this relevant airplane observation.

Patrick is also the closing speaker at this year’s TechCon — A one-day conference devoted exclusively to school district technology.

He will share his insights from Apple and help sum up a jam-packed day of learning. You and your fellow staff won’t want to miss this great opportunity on October 26 to connect to the latest from one of education’s leading companies!

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