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posted May 5, 2014, 10:13 AM by Jeff Hunt

Chief Technology Officer

Job Description



Job Summary


The Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of the University of Chicago Charter School (UCCS) is responsible for developing, maintaining, and supporting all technology systems needed to implement instructional plans and processes designed under the leadership of the Chief Academic Officer (CAO) as well as business plans and processes designed under the leadership of the Chief Operating Officer (COO). The strategic focus of the position is to ensure that the technological and telecommunications infrastructure of UCCS effectively and reliably supports 21st century teaching and learning in a PreK to 12 pathway that prepares 100% of students for college acceptance and graduation. This includes: 1) executive oversight of networking, server, database, and telecommunications systems as well as technology services such as email, directory services, student information systems, report cards, web sites, and the annual admissions process; 2) management of a data platform to support continuous monitoring and analysis of student progress toward college readiness, acceptance, and graduation; 3) coordination of budgeting and procurement with UCCS and campus leadership; 4) oversight of the application for and administration of E-Rate and other technology grants, and; 5) ensuring school compliance with all federal, state and local laws related to technology and its use.



Primary responsibilities




Serves as the principal advisor to UCCS leadership on all technology systems and initiatives, including: infrastructure, data platform, budgeting, procurement, staffing, training, and evaluation. Collaborates with campus leadership to ensure that technology systems and initiatives support the teaching and learning goals of each campus.


Provides expertise on the role of technology in the continuous improvement of UCCS instructional and business processes to achieve more efficient and cost-effective use of technology-based instructional and administrative investments.


Brings intentional focus to the intersection of technology systems and instructional technology, creating coherence across centrally- and campus-based systems, staff and work.


Collaborates with campus, UCCS, and UEI leadership on the design, development, implementation, and maintenance of a data platform to enable continuous monitoring and analysis of student progress toward college readiness, acceptance, and graduation.


Coordinates operation and implementation of all technology systems and initiatives with designated staff from each campus, holding regular meetings and ensuring an open flow of information among campus, UCCS, and UEI leadership.


Collaborates with campus leadership in the planning and delivery of training and professional development to ensure efficient implementation of instructional plans and processes, business plans and processes, and all technology systems and initiatives.

Coordinates professional learning relating to technology and data with designated staff from each campus, holding regular meeting and ensuring an open flow of information among campus, UCCS, and UEI leadership. Collaborates with UCCS and campus staff to ensure coherence in opportunities for students to develop technological literacy and 21st century skills across campuses and grade levels.





Creates and oversees the technology and telecommunications budget for UChicago Charter. Collaborates with campus leadership in the development of the campus technology budgets, including:  hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, and any campus costs relating to technology systems and initiatives.


Supports the COO and UCCS campuses in the annual technology purchasing processes. Responsible for the tracking of costs and receiving and installing new equipment. Reviews technical specifications and requirements before hardware and software purchases are made. Ensures the maintenance of an inventory of all network equipment and devices from purchase through disposal.


Manages all elements of the E-Rate program. Evaluates carriers and service providers preceding the signing of any service contracts. Assists campus technology coordinators with ordering, service contracts, and insurance. Provides the single locus for negotiating contracts and bidding/quotes with technology vendors and service providers.


Ensures that the charter campuses are in compliance with all UCCS, local, state, and federal policies related to technology use, such as CIPA, COPPA, FERPA, et al. Plans, designs and implements security policies and procedures in order to protect confidential information and provide reliable access to technology services and data.




Ensures that PowerSchool is reliably and continuously available to UCCS and campus staff and provides any needed training or support for enrolling and scheduling students into courses as well as preparation and printing of report cards. Provide ongoing enhancements and improvements to the PowerSchool system based on updates available in the field and campus leader and staff input. Interact with CPS on issues relating to their student information system IMPACT. Must be PowerSchool proficient or be trained to proficiency upon hire.


Coordinates NWEA MAP testing and any other computer-based assessment and manages correspondence and communication with CPS and ISBE.


Ensures that the annual image build, test, and install process is completed in a timely manner to support a smooth back-to-school transition for staff, teachers, and students.


Ensures efficient and reliable access to all aspects of campus network and server systems and maintenance of user accounts.  Oversees the work of all third-party technology contractors.

Oversees and implements web-based technology services as needed, including existing web sites and Google Apps domain.





Bachelor’s degree required with Master's degree preferred; a minimum six years of managerial or administrative experience in an educational technology field required; solid understanding of technology standards and goals in an educational field required; ability to manage support staff time efficiently required; ability to work effectively under pressure required; ability to collaborate effectively with diverse team members representing educational and technical viewpoints required; excellent verbal and written communication skills required; ability to be self-motivated and to work independently required; ability to think proactively required; excellent problem-solving skills required; ability to prioritize multiple, concurrent projects required; familiarity with E-Rate and PowerSchool required; working knowledge of IMPACT preferred; familiarity with directory services (either Active Directory, Open Directory or Open LDAP) and TCP/IP networking preferred; experience delivering web-based services preferred. Experience in teaching or in a leadership role in an educational setting preferred.


All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, protected veteran status or status as an individual with disability. The University of Chicago Charter School is an Equal Opportunity / Disabled / Veterans Employer


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